A smart looking publication relevant to the Made for Useful Art brief I’m currently working on, a neat layout with serif and san-serif text which is ultimately what I had in mind for the publication I’m helping design and create.

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Orange? is a folded poster/publication produced by a designer by the name of Robin Scholz. The piece focuses on the colour orange raising questions such as What is Orange? and How does it affect you? I chose to post this printed artefact as it shares a relevance with the manual for useful art project I am currently working on. The manual must share both theoretical and academic work so scribbles over neat type works extremely well, the limited colour arrangement is also very relevant and looks really good. Robin Sholz’s full project can be seen on his website here
Written and proclaimed at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on an evening
in December 1963, the manifesto was published in January 1964. First things first was an attempt to make graphic design critical and move it away from the consumerist attitude of the times.

David Brent

#181 Feathers – A new minimal geometric composition each day

Roy Lichtenstein, Interior with Mirrored Wall, 1991

Erlen Meyers. Art and sciences magazine.